Workshop Program (PDF)

09.00 - 10.30 Session 1
Introduction and welcome
Oleg Sokolsky, Serdar Tasiran
Invited talk: Using PSL for Runtime Verification: Theory and Practice
Cindy Eisner (IBM Haifa Research Lab)
Temporal Assertions with Parametrised Propositions
Volker Stolz (United Nations University)
11:00 - 12:30 Session 2
From Interaction Patterns to Aspects: a Mechanism for Systematic Runtime Monitoring
Ingolf Krueger, Massimiliano Menarini (UC San Diego) and Michael Meisinger (TU Munich)
ARVE: Aspect-oriented Runtime Verification Environment
Hiromasa Shin, Yusuke Endoh and Yoshio Kataoka (Toshiba)
Collaborative Runtime Verification with Tracematches
Eric Bodden, Laurie Hendren (McGill University), Ondrej Lhotak and Nomair Ahmed Naeem (University of Waterloo)
Static and Dynamic Detection of Behavioral Conflicts between Aspects
Pascal Durr, Lodewijk Bergmans and Mehmet Aksit (University of Twente)
A Semantic-based Runtime Weaver for Dynamic Management of the Join Point History
Charlotte Herzeel, Kris Gybels and Pascal Costanza (Free University Brussels)
14:00 - 15:30 Session 3
Translation Validation of System Abstractions
Jan Olaf Blech, Ina Schaefer and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter (University of Kaiserslautern)
Runtime Checking for Program Verification Systems
Karen Zee, Viktor Kuncak and Martin Rinard (MIT)
Rule Systems for Run-Time Monitoring: from Eagle to RuleR
Howard Barringer, David Rydeheard (University of Manchester) and Klaus Havelund (NASA JPL)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but how Ugly is Ugly?
Andreas Bauer, Martin Leucker and Christian Schallhart (TU Munich)
Towards a Tool for Generating Aspects from MEDL and PEDL Specifications for Runtime Verification
Omar Ochoa, Irbis Gallegos, Steve Roach and Ann Gates (UT El Paso)
16:00 - 17:30 Session 4
From Runtime Verification to Evolvable Software
Howard Barringer, David Rydeheard (University of Manchester) and Dov Gabbay (King's College)
Instrumentation of Open-Source Software For Intrusion Detection
William Mahoney and William L. Sousan (University of Nebraska, Omaha)
A Causality-Based Runtime Check for Atomicity
Serdar Tasiran and Tayfun Elmas (Koc University)
On the Semantics of Matching Trace Monitoring Patterns
Pavel Avgustinov, Oege deMoor and Julian Tibble (Oxford University)
Statistical Runtime Checking of Probabilistic Properties
Usa Sammapun, Insup Lee and Oleg Sokolsky (University of Pennsylvania)