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CRTS 2017
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List of accepted and invited papers

Regular Papers

1) Mayo Nakagawa, Takuya Azumi, Yuto Kitagawa and Nobuhiko Nishio. HVMD_CC : Heterogeneous Value with Multiple Deadlines and Communication Contention.

2) Ahlem Mifdaoui and Thierry Leydier. Beyond the Accuracy-Complexity Tradeoffs of Compositional Analyses using Network Calculus for Complex Networks.

3) Ajay Kattepur. Workflow Composition and Analysis for Industry 4.0 Warehouse.

Short Papers

1) Farouk Hebbache, Mathieu Jan, Florian Brandner and Laurent Pautet. Dynamic Arbitration of Memory Requests with TDM-like Guarantees.

2) HLaure Abdallah, Jérôme Ermont, Jean-Luc Scharbarg and Christian Fraboul. A mixed NoC/AFDX architecture: Problems and Challenges.

3) Jasdeep Singh, Guillaume Infantes, Luca Santinelli, David Doose and Julien Brunel. Continuous Time Markov Chain Modeling for Probabilistic Schedulability Analysis.

4) Alain Girault, Rafik Henia, Christophe Prevot, Sophie Quinton and Laurent Rioux. Assessing the Flexibility of Real-Time Systems.

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