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Full papers:

  • Interoperable medical devices due to standardized CANopen interfaces
    Reiner Zitzmann and Holger Zeltwanger
  • Point-of-Care Support for Error-Free Medication Process
    J. W. S. Liu, C. S. Shih, P. H. Tsai, H. C. Yeh, P. C. Hsiu, C. Y. Yu and W. H. Chang
  • Building Safe and Reliable MD PnP Systems
    Mu Sun, Qixin Wang and Lui Sha
  • A novel method and testbed for sensor management and patient diagnosis
    Winston Wu, Maxim Batalin, Alex Bui, Majid Sarrafzadeh and William Kaiser
  • PAS: A Wireless-enabled, Sensor-integrated Personal Assistance System for Independent and Assisted Living
    Jennifer Hou, Qixin Wang, Linda Ball, Stanley Birge, Marco Caccamo, Chin-Fei Cheah, Eric Gilbert, Carl Gunter, Elsa Gunter, Chang-Gun Lee, Karrie Karahalios, Min-Young Nam, Narasimhan Nitya, Chaudhri Rohit and Lui Sha
  • Moving Toward Semantic Interoperability of Medical Devices
    John Garguilo, Sandra Martinez, Richard Rivello and Maria Cherkaoui
  • Medical Device Interoperability
    Kathy Lesh, Sandy Weininger, Julian Goldman, Bob Wilson and Glenn Himes
  • A Survey of Software Engineering Techniques in Medical Device Development
    Raimund L. Feldmann, Forrest Shull, Christian Denger, Martin Hæst and Christin Lindholm
  • Platform Design for Health-care Monitoring Applications
    Roozbeh Jafari, Ruzena Bajcsy, Steven Glaser, Bruce Gnade and Marco Sgroi
  • User Access of Public Shared Devices in Pervasive Computing Environments
    David Jea, Ian Yap and Mani Srivastava
  • Plug-and-Play and Network-Capable Medical Instrumentation and Databasee with a Complete Healthcare Technology Suite: MediCAN
    Paul K. McKneely, Frank Chapman and Deniz Gurkan
  • Agent-based Plug-and-Play Integration of Role-Enabled Medical Devices
    Giacomo Cabri, Francesco De Mola and Letizia Leonardi
  • Formal Methods Based Development of a PCA Infusion Pump Reference Model: Generic Infusion Pump (GIP) Project
    David Arney, Raoul Jetley, Paul Jones, Insup Lee and Oleg Sokolsky

Short papers:

  • All Software Is Defective: Implications for Medical Device Manufacturers
    Steven Rakitin
  • Standardization of Acute Health Care Digital Communications
    John LaCourse, Jonathan Waters and Jeffrey Ojala
  • Ensuring Sufficient Breadth in Use Case Development: How Should Non-functional Requirements be Elicited and Represented?
    Rick Schrenker
  • Technology Developments for the Image-Guided Suite of the Future
    Kevin Cleary and Mary Lou Ingeholm
  • Rule Based Decision Framework for Sensor Networks
    Sowmya Manjanatha, Azer Bestavros, Steve Moulton and Mark Gaynor
  • Designing and Developing Medical Device Software Systems using the Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
    Amen Ra Mashariki, LeeRoy Bronner and Peter Kazanzides
  • Cyber-Physical System Software for HCMDSS
    Christopher Gill
  • Dynamic Fall Detection and Pace Measurement in Walking Sticks
    Oscar Almeida, Ming Zhang and Jyh-Charn Liu
  • Towards a Service-Oriented Architecture for Interconnecting Medical Devices and Applications
    Markus Straehle, Mareike Ehlbeck, Viravuth Prapavat, Kai Kueck, Frank Franz and Jorg-Uwe Meyer
  • Towards Reconfigurable Embedded Medical Systems
    Tammara Massey, Foad Dabiri, Roozbeh Jafari, Hyduke Noshadi, Philip Brisk and William Kaiser
  • The Introduction of Clinical Workflows to Improve Medical Device System Development
    Tracy Rausch
  • Using Externally-verifiable Code Execution to Secure Clinical Information Systems
    Arvind Seshadri, Mark Luk, Adrian Perrig and Pradeep Khosla
  • FDA: Between Process & Product Evaluation
    Marwan Abdeen, Wolfram Kahl and Tom Maibaum
  • Electric Current Model of Varying Tissue Properties
    Daniel Evans and Mark Manwaring
  • Dynamic Privacy in Assisted Living and Home Health Care
    Gilles Virone, Thao Doan, Anthony Wood and John Stankovic
  • An Intensive Care Specific Electronic Medical Record: Is There Transparency?
    Frank D. Sites, Victoria Rich and Bill Hanson

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