CARTS: Compositional Analysis of Real-Time Systems
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As real-time embedded systems are increasingly complex, integration becomes a great challenge in their design and development. Managing complexity of the system design is therefore essential for high-assurance and cost-effective development. Component-based design and analysis methodology has consequently been developed and gained its importance over the years as a powerful technique for complexity management, which in turn necessitates compositional analysis frameworks. To facilitate compositional analysis, given a component, one needs to be able to compute the component interface - an appropriate abstraction of the component's timing requirement - that can be used in the system analysis. Further, to enable effective compositional analysis, accurate and efficient interface generation becomes crucial.

What is CARTS?

screenshot of CARTS
Screenshot of CARTS.

To meet the growing needs, we have developed CARTS (Compositional Analysis of Real-Time Systems) as a platform-independent tool that automatically generates resource interfaces needed for the compositional analysis of real-time systems. CARTS is built on top of several interface generation algorithms that were developed by Real-Time Systems Group at the PRECISE center. The tool has a GUI that provides users with easy ways to specify and analyze the system - by using the GUI options or by editing XML files. It is apt for visualizing the generated component interfaces in a tree-like structure, as well as charting the demand- and supply- bound functions of the generated interfaces. At the same time, it is also accompanied by a lightweight command-line option that enables our tool to be integrated with other existing toolchains. In essence, CARTS can be conceived as a handy companion to system designers for analyzing and designing hardware-software architectures of real-time systems in a compositional manner.

Theoretical foundations for CARTS are provided by the compositional scheduling framework for real-time systems.

This research was supported in part by ARO W911NF1110403, NSF CNS 1117185, NSF ECCS- 1135630, and ONR N00014-13-1-0802.


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