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MD CPS: Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems

High-assurance development of medical devices

Developers of medical devices are required to demonstrate safety and effectiveness of their products to regulatory authorities. This group of subprojects aims to develop methods and techniques that give the necessary degree of assurance in the resulting product. Projects in this category have consedered several case studies of safety-critical medical devices, including infusion pump and pacemakers.

Medical device interoperability

A wide variety of devices is available to modern-day clinicians. Most of these devices are designed to operate in isolation, making their use in complex clinical scenarios difficult. Safety of patients needs to be ensured during interactions, intended or unintended, between medical devices. Projects in this category consider the problem of developing platforms for exchanging information between devices in a predictable and analyzable ways, and to a limited extent support Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) interoperability program led by CIMIT.

Decision-support in clinical environments

Interoperability between medical devices enables a wide variety of applications that involve processing of data streams from multiple devices and using this data to gain better understanding of patient condition. This such understanding also requires construction of better models of patient physiology. Results from this processing can be used for decision support for clinical personnel, more reliable alarms, or physiologically closed-loop control of devices based on patient's condition.


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