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MD CPS: Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems

The group brings together researchers and developers working on CPS in the medical domain, such as medical device interoperability, high-confidence development of medical devices, medical robotics, etc. Several large-scale projects in the medical CPS domain have been funded by both NSF and NIH. The group will host discussions that go beyond the scope of any individual projects, planning future projects, and general exchange of ideas. The group is open to all researchers who are involved in medical CPS research or are interested in learning more about it.

Internal Members

Principal Investigator:

Safety-assured software development for medical devices:

Physiological closed-loop control:

Smart alarms, clinical decision support:

Medical device interoperability:

Medical device security:




  • Helen Gill
  • Davis Corman


  • Paul Jones
  • Yi Zhang
  • Sandy Weininger

Kansas State University

  • John Hatcliff

University of Illinois

  • Lui Sha

DocBox, Inc.

  • Tracy Rausch

Anakena Solutions

  • Michael Robkin



International Collaborators

 DGIST, South Korea

  • Sang H. Son
  • Taejoon Park

 CHI-MED, United Kingdom

  • Harold Thimbleby
  • Paolo Masci


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