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The purpose of this page is to keep a repository of papers by people outside our group that are important to on-going projects. Feel free to add here the papers that provide interesting insights, that affected or have potential to affect your project and which you think, and that you think will be of interest to others in our group. When adding papers here, please take time to add a sentence on what the inside is and why should the rest of us care.

Formal Methods in Certification

Why it is interesting: The move from verification to certification is the new frontier for formal methods; from constructing proofs of correctness to using these proofs as evidence within the larger scope of safety assurance arguments.

John Rushby has a large collection of overview papers and presentations on this topic.

Several major certification efforts are have been undertaken in the domain of Common Criteria certification

Implementability of Timed Automata

Why it is interesting: Fundamentally important for code generation; code generation with formal guarantees is essential to carry formal verification results down to system implementation and establishing evidence for certification

  • Almost ASAP Semantics Considers robustness measures for timed automata for handling timing uncertainties.

Action Refinement

Why it is interesting: Could provide fundamental basis for relating a mental model (e.g., from user manuals) to an implementation model, where the latter is much more detailed.

  • Action Refinement Brief overview on the concept of action refinement. Contains references to relevant papers.

Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms

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