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In order to ensure that the RTG group is cohesive, it is important to establish and maintain a common body of foundational knowledge, shared by all members of the group. This page provides a summary of such foundational knowledge.

This page is work in progress. Please help us extend this page.

Formal Methods

Model checking

  • Edmund M. Clarke, Orna Grumberg, Doron A. Peled, "Model Checking," MIT Press, 1999.

Abstract interpretation

Process algebra

Timed Automata

  • Rajeev Alur and David L. Dill. "A theory of timed automata," Theoretical Computer Science 126:183-235, 1994.
  • UPPAAL, an integrated tool environment for modeling and analysis of real-time systems modeled as networks of timed automata extended with data types.

Runtime Verification

Simulation and Equivalence Relations


  • Assume-Guarantee Reasoning
  • Compositional Proof Systems

Hybrid Systems

Mixed Modeling

  • CSP and Z

Interface Theory

  • Luca de Alfaro, Thomas A. Henzinger, "Interface-based Design," In Engineering Theories of Software-intensive Systems, NATO Science Series: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, Vol. 195, pp. 83-104, Springer, 2005.
  • Lothar Thiele, Ernesto Wandeler, Nikolay Stoimenov, "Real-time interfaces for composing real-time systems," International Conference On Embedded Software (EMSOFT 06), pp. 34-43, 2006.
  • Joseph Sifakis ..., BIP

Real-Time Systems

  • Jane W. S. Liu, "Real-Time Systems", Prentice Hall, 2000.

Compositional Scheduling Framework

Feedback-based Real-Time Scheduling

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