Pulse oximeter using bluetooth plugin respectively.

Antidote is a set of libraries that implement IEEE 11073-20601 stack for medical devices. It is bundled with healthd, a full-featured manager application which in itself is a complete example of Antidote-based application.

Healthd exports D-Bus health API, i.e. It allows writing health applications that don't link with Antidote; they just need to talk with healthd via D-Bus. D-Bus is supported by all major programming languages in linux. HealthD D-Bus API has an agent, manager and device interface and generated the measurement data as xml format.

Pulse oximeter continua device uses HDP as transport that is a Bluetooth profile for health devices. Antidote is bundled with an HDP communication plug-in for Linux. After healthd is run and medical device is connected to the patient, the device driver for oximeter reads the data pushed on D-bus continuously.