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Workshop on
Innovative Techniques for
Certification of Embedded Systems

April 4, 2006
San Jose, California, USA

Extended submission deadline: March 3, 2006

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Contact: Oleg Sokolsky
Last updated: March 23, 06

The use of embedded software in safety and mission-crission systems is increasing rapidly. In additional to well-known domains such as avionics, a variety of integrated systems that rely on complex embedded software are being envisioned in health care (plug-and-play devices, highly networked monitoring and dosing, and wearable devices, robotic surgery), the automotive industry (drive-by-wire systems, smart cars and automated highways), and many other domains.

Multiple characteristics of emerging and envision safety-critical will make them difficult or impossible to certify using conventional certification methods. Examples include the dramatic scale of systems, the use of plug-and-play and collaborative networked systems, the need for rapid technology refresh, interaction with COTS components, and security concerns in information-centric systems.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together participants from academia, industry, standards organizations, and regulatory agencies, including designers with first-hand knowledge of the needs and realities of the certification process, to present innovative strategies and techniques for meeting the challenges above.

Topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • evidence-based (as opposed to process-based) approaches to certification
  • artifacts of embedded system design that can be used as evidence of quality, including evidence for behavioral and timing properties
  • strategies for using software certificates and proof-carry code in the context of certification
  • techniques for security certification in the context of standards such as Common Criteria and Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS)
  • tools for certification and certification of tools
  • quality measures for embedded systems
  • environment modeling in certification
  • incremental certification and reducing costs of re-certification
  • use of model-driven development and software product-lines in the context of certified systems


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  • - one need not register for RTAS to attend the workshop
  • - one does not register for a particular workshop -- all workshops are covered by the single "workshop registration"

Important Dates:

   Extended Submission Deadline:    March 3, 2006
   Notification:                    March 17, 2006
   Camera-ready:                    March 24, 2006


John Hatcliff Kansas State University
Insup Lee University of Pennsylvania
Oleg Sokolsky University of Pennsylvania

Confirmed Invited Talks:

  • John Rushby, SRI
  • Matt Wilding, Rockwell Collins

Program Committee:

  • Hans-Ludwig Hausen, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology
  • John Hatcliff, Kansas State University (co-Chair)
  • Mats Heimdahl, University of Minnesota
  • Mark Jones, Portland State University
  • Paul Jones, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania (co-Chair)
  • Bruce Lewis, U.S. Army Missile Command
  • Bill Milam, Ford Research
  • Doug Locke, Locke Consulting
  • Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania (co-Chair)
  • Steve Vestal, Honeywell Labs
  • Mahesh Viswanathan, University of Illinois
  • Doug Wells, Connection Technologies
  • Michael Whalen, Rockwell Collins