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High-Confidence Embedded Systems (HCES)
Annual Research Review and Workshop
April 26 - 27, 2004
Supported by ARO (Army Research Office)


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Contact: Valentina Sokolskaya
Last updated: April 21, 04

The effective development of embedded systems requires a collection of tools to capture requirements, to construct, analyze and simulate specifications, to generate and test implementations, and to monitor and check implementations at run-time. The High Confidence Embedded Systems (HCES) initiative sponsored by the Army Research Office (ARO) is aimed at advancing the methods and technologies for the integration of specification, analysis, development, testing, prototyping, system implementation, simulation and monitoring of embedded software. The primary methods of interest are: formal specifications, test generation from specifications, automated verification, prototyping and simulation, automatic code generation for implementation, and run-time monitoring and checking. This workshop is an annual review of the HCES project. Recent advances will be presented, followed by talks from industry and working sessions to identify the key directions for future research in this domain.

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